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What is a Humanist Wedding?

Imagine an unforgettable, completely personalised and beautiful, non-religious wedding ceremony. One that incorporates everything that is meaningful to you.

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Your family and friends are gathered around and are witnessing a ceremony that truly reflects you both as a couple, unlike any they have seen before. Maybe including elements of the familiar traditions that are important to you both, or perhaps something a little offbeat, unique and even quirky.

If this is what you envisage for your momentous day, then a humanist wedding ceremony is for you and I would be honoured and super excited to help you have your perfect wedding ceremony.

What’s also great about a humanist ceremony is that you get to pick the location. One that makes your heart beat a little faster just thinking about it. How about inside a rustic castle, on a clifftop with panoramic views or under a canopy of trees in a forest? Or perhaps you were considering somewhere a little simpler yet still speaks to what is important to you both as a couple. The options are endless and almost anything is possible.

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Our journey together will include:
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I always openly offer my time to answer any questions and discuss your initial wedding and ceremony plans.


We then meet again in person or online to discuss all the finer details of your ceremony as well as the chance to get to know you both to create your personalised ceremony. 


You complete some fun ‘homework’ tasks so I can learn even more about you both, your story as a couple and what’s important to you.


I'm always on hand to offer you any advice and guidance on building a ceremony e.g. music, readings, vows/promises, ceremony rituals and more.


I send you a draft ceremony script for you to review which we can revise as many times as you wish.


I arrive with plenty of time on your wedding day, to coordinate with your venue, photographer, musicians and anyone involved in the ceremony.


I take pride in leading the ceremony in a way that is fitting for you both, but making sure there are lots of laughs and even a few happy tears.


After the big day you get a beautiful copy of your ceremony script you can cherish forever.

Fully insured, accredited and professional service.

If all this excites you, or you want to know more I would love to hear from you.

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